Assembly Plant

Our team of experts planned, designed, executed and built the first-ever automotive body assembly plant in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo, which can accommodate twenty-four buses at a time through twelve different stages of Force Motors assembly. Each step is meticulously planned and organized to build high quality car bodies. The process followed for the construction of robust automotive bodies is not only customer-oriented, but also ISO 9001:2015 certified.

ISO certification can be verified on the following websites:

Water leak test and paint booth

Each bus body, after being built with the latest techniques and machinery, undergoes a series of tests to ensure that only the best quality vehicles are delivered to our customers. Each vehicle is also exposed to our Internal Water Leak Test setup, where vehicles withstand high pressure water from all angles. This step verifies that the constructed structure is watertight to the extent required.

After the Water Leak Test, vehicles are taken to our in-house paint booth to paint them in an atmosphere that ensures the body paint is free from dust and other external contamination to the extent of the possible. This results in vehicles having a superior shine and finish when they come out of the paint booth.