Responsive Service

Supreme Automobile strives hard to bring speedy assistance to customers when in need. With this delightful thought we are offering

Quick Service aims to provide service to the customers with shortest turnaround time for scheduled services & minor repairs of their vehicles.

This Quick Service process is designed to help in:

  • Reducing waiting period for getting appointments for schedule service of the vehicle
  • Ensuring quick & timely delivery of your vehicle

Road Side Assistance, also known as breakdown cover, is a service designed to help you get going again if your vehicle breaks down.
When you call for help, our service team will first try to solve your problem over the phone.
If they can’t, then they’ll send a Breakdown Team for minor repairs and if any major job is required than we tow your vehicle to the nearest Mercedes-Benz Dealer for repairing.

Supreme Automobile brings you a Unique Service experience in the form of Door Step Service (DSS).
The Door Step Service Van is a self-sustained standalone workshop-on-wheels equipped with all the necessary workshop tools and equipment’s which are required to perform scheduled services & minor repairs on your vehicle. To ensure that our customers enjoy the Supreme automobile (Mercedes) Service at their convenience, the DSS Van will actually come to your convenient place and get the repairs done.

Reliable Service

Supreme Automobile promises to deliver customer service with unmatched reliability.

To maintain service quality standards the entire workshop staff including technicians, supervisors, and front office is trained, assessed, and certified by Mercedes-Benz. With this assurance Supreme Automobile offers:

Under this program, each vehicle is subjected to standard quality checks to identify repair requirements not noticed or reported by the customer, ensuring that complete health of the vehicle is assessed, attended to and customers are apprised.
Final Inspection at the end of the repair process through a stringent quality control SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) ensures hassle free operations for the customer.

We hold regular assessment tests for identifying the training needs of our team and then design customized training programs to ensure best services to our customers. We have also developed online training courses and self-study modules to help our team learn on their own and respond with reliable solutions to the customer’s needs.

Diagnostic Expert cum Trainers (DET) are provided with extensive training by Mercedes-Benz wherein they are equipped with diagnostics skills and exhaustive knowledge of all our products. DETs are capable of resolving both mechanical & electrical critical complaints in the best possible way

Best Value Added Services

Supreme automobile (Mercedes-Benz) is known for delivering best quality products that give value for years to come. Our service products are also designed on the same principals. With this thought Supreme automobile offers:

Value Care (AMC) is a maintenance plan that guarantees protection against unexpected repairs & provides substantial savings through protection against inflation and price volatility of consumables. It covers all services and repairs including labour, parts & consumables.
Value Care ensures that your vehicle gets a long and smooth life through quality service at Mercedes- Benz authorized Workshops. It also insures you against rising oil prices, price of other consumables and even labor costs. Thus, it accrues huge savings on the cost of maintenance over a period of time.
Our customers can choose from Value Care Plans (Platinum, Gold & Silver) as per their requirement and usage to ensure hassle-free, reliable and economical maintenance of their vehicles.

We are equipped with portable wheel alignment machine which can do wheel alignment work anywhere. Means no need to come at any specific area for this work. With aligned wheels your vehicle becomes more fuel efficient. Your vehicle tyres will degrade at an even pace.

We are providing Parts Counter Sale service to our customers. Customers can quickly purchase any kind of spare parts, lubricants, accessories etc. for their Mercedes-Benz vehicles from Parts Counter Sale window available at our dealership.

  • Seat & Upholstery
  • Painting Color Schemes
  • Music System & Interior Electrical Modification.
  • Camera & Safety features.
  • Wheels & Tyres

This is a ‘focused’ approach for burying out small & major repairs in the body shop. You can use this facility and get these dents/scratches & accidental work done.
Key benefits are:
  1. Fast & affordable repair solution
  2. Hassle free repair need.
  3. Less time involved.
  4. Keeps your vehicle well maintained
  5. Claim Bonus from the Insurance companies as per the policy terms.

Original Spare Parts

  1. Regular operation of your vehicle causes wear and tear of components. To ensure that your car continues to be reliable, economical and safe, you need to regularly and scientifically replace components during maintenance schedules. Mercedes-Benz continuously strives to provide excellent customer support through technological expertise in maintaining the vehicle for years to come.
  2. At Mercedes-Benz, precision machinery and best available technical knowhow is utilized for the production of quality parts. These equipment ensure production of spares which conform to design specifications. Mercedes-Benz has always been striving to provide the latest technology in our vehicles to ensure safety, reliability, economy and durability. It becomes all the more imperative that Mercedes-Benz Original Parts be utilized during vehicle servicing and repairs so that you can reap the benefits of our high quality spares and technology.
  3. Mercedes-Benz Original Parts, when used, ensure an optimum ownership cost of the vehicle and in a developing country like ours, road safety is yet another important aspect which needs attention at all costs. This is possible only through usage of original parts, where manufacturing and material come together to create superior and dependable spares.
  4. By using original parts, you will be contributing significantly towards environmental protection in the larger interests of society and mankind.
  5. Always insist on Mercedes-Benz Original Parts, they are economical, durable safe and most importantly, reliable.