Super Sanya Fortuna SY150CC

SANYA 150cc is a motorcycle from the street commuter series independently developed by Sanya Company. The dynamic design makes the whole motorcycle more sporty. The use of swooping dynamic fuel tank and smooth lines brings a sense of impact and strength. Sanya differ from other motorcycles in the emphasis of incorporating features aimed at increasing durability and improving performance. It is designed inline with human touch and equipped with UFB engine with balance shaft, which can provide the ultimate ride comfort and low fuel consumption to eliminate the anxiety of long-distance driving. Itz is definitely a powerful looking, economical and practical motorcycle.

Salient Features

Technical Specifications

Dimensions(L*W*H mm) 2092*757*1096
Wheel Base (mm) 1231
Engine Type NU150
Mass Weight (kg) 115
Kerb Weight (kg) 125
Rated Loading Weight(kg) 150
Max Rated Speed(km/h): 90
Fuel Consumption(L/100Km) ≤2.9 L/100Km
Braking Mode(F/R) Drum/Drum
Braking Mode(F/R)Braking Operative Mode(F/R) Hand Brake/Foot Brake